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Office Bookshelves in Atlanta, GA

Bookcases are an often overlooked part of your office setup. You tend not to think about them until you realize you need them. If you’ve come to that conclusion lately, you may have also noticed that office bookcases can be complicated. With so many styles and options, it’s hard to know what will be best for your business. Fortunately, the friendly design professionals at Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta have the experience to help you find the perfect office shelving solution for your business, whether you’re a startup on a budget or an established business that’s growing or remodeling.

Computer storage shelves

No matter what industry you’re in, your computers are likely your most crucial tools. Chances are that at any given time you have some computer systems and components not being used. Where do you store them so they’re out of the way but accessible when you need them? Fortunately, we have a variety of storage solutions for your computer systems, monitors, and peripherals so you can easily store and access them any time.

Executive office shelving

Executive office shelving is more than just a storage solution. Your office bookshelves tell your clients who you are. Whether you’re looking for a touch of refined elegance, a simple no-nonsense approach, or a hip design edge, we have the executive office bookcases that tell your clients all about you before they even sit down. If you need help matching your furniture to your company’s personality, our experienced designers can help you find the perfect fit.

Home office bookcases

Working from home doesn’t mean you need quality office furniture any less. If anything, organization is even more important in a home office. You want to keep your personal and work lives separate and organized so you don’t lose your important documents under the kids’ toys or papers on the kitchen table. We have a wide variety of new and used bookcases that are perfect for storage and work well with the rest of your home’s decor.

Metal shelves and cabinets

Wood shelves are fine for executive office shelving or workspaces where most of the work is done on computers. But if your business has equipment, raw materials, or products moving around all day, you’ll want office bookshelves with the durability of metal. We have sturdy metal shelves in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes to fit the needs of your budget and workspace.

Specialty medical bookcases

If you run a medical lab or clinical office, you know that medical records can quickly overwhelm you. We have specialty office shelving solutions specifically built for storing patient charts, lab samples, patient information literature, and other medical records and reference materials. Whether you need a single shelf to expand your storage capacity or a whole new storage system, we can help you get organized quickly.

Custom wall systems

Sometimes a bookshelf alone just won’t cut it. If you need a full office storage solution that includes office shelving, file storage, workspace, and media display mounts, we can help. We carry several modular office wall systems with coordinated styles and colors to make the elements of your office work together as well as your employees do.

Come in and find your perfect office shelving solution!

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